COMCAS 2023 Author Instructions for Manuscript / Summary Submission

This document provides guidance on the submission of your manuscript or summary to COMCAS 2023.  


1. Introduction


To facilitate the submission of papers, COMCAS 2023 will follow a 2-step paper submission process with the following options:

  1. Initial submission – full paper, Final – full paper (with publication in IEEE Xplore)
  2. Initial submission – summary, Final – full paper (with publication in IEEE Xplore)
  3. Initial submission – summary, Final – summary (conference program only)

As a first step of the paper submission process, COMCAS 2023 will permit initial submission of full papers or paper summaries.  The third option is provided so that authors may present their work at COMCAS 2023, but without going through the rigors of IEEE Xplore requirements. Details of each of the above options are provided below.

This document provides guidance on the submission of your initial manuscript or summary to COMCAS 2023. The deadline for initial submissions is 18 April 2023; for final papers the deadline is 4 September 2023.

COMAS 2023 will feature the following awards:

  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Paper Award
  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Student Paper Award
  • The European Microwave Association (EuMA) Student Paper Awards

To qualify for any of the above awards:

  1. A full paper of 4 to 6 pages in length must be submitted by 18 April 2023.
  2. Student Paper awards only apply to papers where the first author is a student and where the student presents the paper.

The IEEE Xplore® Digital Library will serve as the official proceedings digest of COMCAS 2023.  Authors may submit a summary paper only. When this option is applied, accepted papers will be published in the on-line proceedings that will be distributed at the conference to COMCAS 2023 attendees only; however, these summary papers will not be published in IEEE Xplore. Those authors desiring to have their manuscript included in the IEEE Xplore official digest must submit their final full papers 2 to 6 pages in length in a two-column IEEE format on or before 4 September 2023. We again emphasize that only full manuscripts at least 4 pages in length will qualify for the student paper and best paper awards.


2. Instructions for Manuscript or Summary Preparation


NOTE: If you are submitting more than one paper, you will need to repeat the submission process for each paper.

Step 1.  Prepare your Manuscript using the templates provided here. Templates for Word and instructions for Latex are provided on this page.

Step 2.  Convert your paper to PDF.  This should be done using PDF eXpress.  To do this, log into the IEEE PDF eXpress site here:

First-time PDF eXpress users should do the following:

  1. Select the New Users - Click Here link.
  2. Enter the following:

58210X for the Conference ID 

your email address 

a password

For new PDF eXpress users, upon creating a new PDF eXpress account, an online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.  Previous users of PDF eXpress should simply enter the same email address and password that were used for previous conferences; however, note that this information is not necessarily the same as what you have used for EDAS (which is a completely different system). Verify that your contact information is valid. You might be asked for a new password for this conference.

If you are a new user or returning user to PDF eXpress:

  1. Continue to enter information as prompted, including the upload of your paper (Word or PDF).
  2. Once completed, PDF eXpress will return the PDF of your manuscript (or summary) to you via email.  If there are problems in converting or checking your manuscript, the email will explain such problems.



If you run into difficulties with PDF eXpress, contact IEEE Support.  Type PDF EXPRESS into the search box.  Most questions can be answered here, but if your problem persists, contact IEEE by hitting the "Submit a Question" button.  PDF EXPRESS IS MANAGED BY THE IEEE.  NEITHER COMCAS STAFF NOR EDAS IS QUALIFIED FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS CONCERNING THIS SITE.


3. Step-by-Step Instructions for Manuscript or Summary Submission


Manuscript and summary submissions are handled through the Editor’s Assistant (EDAS) Website. To submit your manuscript, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Register your submission on the EDAS paper submission systems.  This is performed by logging into the following link:

This link should bring you to a page that looks like this:

Once you are at this site, you have the choice of 1) registering as a new author on the EDAS system, or 2) if you have already submitted a paper to the EDAS system for COMCAS 2021, 2019, COMCAS 2017, or another conference managed by the EDAS paper submission system, you may simply enter the email address and password that you already used for EDAS.  Prior users of EDAS, upon logging into EDAS, will be able to retrieve their profile information for the COMCAS document submission. If you forgot your password, reset it as instructed.

If you are using EDAS for the first time, click create a new account.  You should then see the fol-lowing screen where you will fill in information about yourself (only part of the screen is shown):


Be sure to enter the information into the fields marked with a red *.  If there are multiple authors, the information about the additional authors can be entered later, as described below.

After you fill out the above form, at the bottom of the form's page click the EDAS privacy box then click the "Add this person" button as shown below. You will then be sent to the following screen be-low. Depending on the information that you provided, EDAS might display a list of similar names.  This is to make sure that the author's information that was just now entered does not correspond to that of a different EDAS user.  If the author believes that his/her name corresponds to a name in the list, click that name.  Otherwise, go to the bottom of the page, click the "This is not a duplicate" box then click the button "Add this person."

Once you add yourself as the owner of a new EDAS account, you should see the following screen:

When authors make use of email addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other popular email services, the EDAS system displays the warning in the above screenshot.  You may ignore this warning.

Step 2. Receive welcome email.

Following the entry of the author information, you will receive a welcome email from the EDAS system, confirming your identity and a link to set the password.  If you do not receive this email, please be sure to check your spam folder.  Once you establish your password, your EDAS account will be ready to begin the paper submission process.

Step 3.  Register your paper.

You may now return to the email you initially received and click the link "register your paper".  If you already have an EDAS account, you can go directly to to register your paper. (This same address can also be used to go back to your paper entry to make changes, which is described later in this document.)  You will then see the following page, where you will be given a list of conference tracks, one of which you will chose to have your paper presented:

Note: not all of the COMCAS 2023 conference tracks are shown in the above screen shot.

Click the appropriate subject track for your paper (in the column "Track") in the above list (e.g., "Communications and Sensors"), then you will be brought to a screen resembling the following:

Be sure to enter the unique title of the manuscript, along with keywords or keyword expressions in the boxes that follow, and the abstract (100 to 150 words).  The title entered on this web page must match the title in the submitted document.  Please double check for this match, otherwise it will be flagged later in the paper preparation process.

Just above the Abstract text you will find three drop-down boxes to select:

  • Best Conference Paper Award qualification,
  • Student or Regular paper,
  • Poster or Oral presentation,
  • Full Manuscript or Summary.

If you wish to have your paper qualify for Best Conference Paper Award, be sure to select the drop down box that says Yes.  If you desire for the paper to be entered into the Best Student Paper contest, be sure to select the box for Student.  In this case it is expected that the student is the only author, or first co-author, of the paper. The next drop-down is Oral or Poster; select your preference.  Usually, the selection of Poster is granted in the conference planning.  If Oral is selected, the COMCAS review staff will try to honor this request, but it might later be scheduled as a Poster depending on time and space availability and the nature of the paper.  Finally, you must select the option for Full Manuscript submission or Summary OnlySummary Only notifies the COMCAS 2023 organizers that you do not intend on submitting a full manuscript and that your paper will not be published in the IEEE Xplore COMCAS 2023 digest.

Next, you may select the type of English (US, English, Canadian); the choice impacts how the spelling checker operates.

Then select at least one check box corresponding to the topic of your manuscript.  This will enable the COMCAS team to assign the appropriate reviewers and session to your submission.  You may check up to three boxes if you believe the subject matter of your paper spans multiple fields.  If you are an author, be sure to check the "Add yourself as author" button, then click the Submit button.  Note additional authors can be added later, as described in Step 4.

The next screen should resemble the following (assuming no errors in your abstract, such as if it is too long, too short, contains spelling errors, etc.):

Step 4.  Adding more authors.

The above page contains various buttons and parameters that enable you to control the information in your submission.  If you wish to add more authors to the submission, simply click the + box in the Authors row.  At this point, enter the email address of the additional author.  This should be an email address already registered in the EDAS system.  If so, a list of possible co-author names is provided in a menu for you to select from.  Otherwise, this email address can be that of a new author who has not used EDAS before.  For a new author, enter the information asked for. Once you believe that the corresponding information in the screen is correct, hit the button "Add this person".  You will then see a screen including the additional author.  Repeat this process to add more authors.  Please do not assign more than ten authors to any one paper. At this point you may also edit the paper Title, Abstract, Keywords, and other parameters.

Step 5.  Uploading the manuscript or summary document.

Once you are ready, you may upload the manuscript or summary document by scrolling the above screen downward.  Select the file you want to upload from your computer by hitting “Choose File”.  You will then see the following screen with the selected filename next to the “Choose File” button.  This indicates that the file was successfully loaded.  If you do not see the file name here, try to upload the file again.


Once you hit the Upload PDF button, you will see the following screen:

Remember, the EDAS system creates many types of warnings.  One way to prevent unnecessary warnings is to be sure that you had entered in EDAS' Manuscript Submission process a paper title that matches the title contained in your manuscript.

Step 6.  Completing the submission and making further changes.

The above steps complete the Manuscript or Summary Submission process.  At this point you may click the EDAS drag down menu item "Logout" from the top-level Home menu item.  If you need to return to the Submission Management page (which resembles the above screenshot), simply log into your account at and select the appropriate menu item.  This enables you to re-upload your manuscript (if you made changes to it), add authors, change author information, change topic, edit abstract, etc.  You can upload your modified manuscript by clicking the cloud icon near the lower left of the screenshot of the screen above.

If you need additional information about the EDAS system, please refer to the following links:

In conclusion

We hope that you find the submission process easy.  We look forward to seeing you at COMCAS 2023!

Best Regards,

Amir Boag, Technical Program Chair, COMCAS2023 Technical Program Committee

Ben Epstein, Publications Chair, COMCAS2023

Shmuel Auster, Conference Chair, COMCAS2023