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Author Instructions

COMCAS 2019 Author Instructions for Manuscript Submission

This document provides guidance on the submission of your initial manuscript to COMCAS 2019. The deadline for manuscript submissions is 20 May 2019. 

COMAS 2019 will feature, for the first time at COMCAS, contests for:

  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Paper Award
  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Student Paper Award

To qualify automatically for either contest, the initial manuscript submission must contain 4 to 6 pages.  All papers where the first author is a student will qualify for automatic entry into the Best Student Paper Contest. 

1. Initial Manuscript Submission

COMCAS 2019 will follow a two-step manuscript submission process.  The initial manuscript submission will be used to determine suitability of the paper for inclusion in COMCAS 2019.  The manuscript for this initial submission must be 2 to 6 pages in length, including all figures, tables, references, etc., and conform to the templates provided on the COMCAS 2019 site.  To qualify for the Best Student or Best Paper Award, the initial manuscript submissions must range 4 to 6 pages in length and conform to the template.  Authors of accepted papers will be requested to submit a final manuscript conforming to one of the provided COMCAS 2019 paper template, which will be due 2 September 2019 (click links in the Authors Instructions web page to obtain the templates).  Accepted manuscripts will be published in the IEEE COMCAS 2019 Proceedings, which will be made available through IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. 

Please note the following requirements, which will be strictly enforced:

  1. Submit all manuscripts to the COMCAS 2019 Manuscript Submission Web Site (link below) for consideration as an oral or poster presentation.  Authors desiring to submit more than one paper must repeat the manuscript submission process for each paper.  An author may submit up to two papers (see instructions below).
  2. File format must be PDF.  This will be the only format accepted.
  3. Limit the submitted document to 10-Megabyte file size, 2 to 6 pages. These limits will be strictly enforced.  Remember, to qualify for the Best Student Paper or Best Paper award, the minimum initial manuscript length must be 4 pages.
  4. Be sure to supply all requested information in the manuscript submission process (link provided below).
  5. Manuscripts must be written in English.
  6. Manuscripts must follow the template, which can conform to US or International dimensions (click these links to obtain the templates).
  7. Manuscript title, authors, and their affiliations should be clearly stated at the beginning of the manuscript text.  This information will also be entered into the manuscript submission system.
  8. All submitted initial manuscripts will be reviewed by the COMCAS Technical Program Committee to determine acceptance of each submission, and whether the submission should be presented in an oral or poster session.  Authors of papers accepted for oral or poster presentation will be notified on or about 2 July 2019; notices expressing submission rejections will also be sent at this time.
  9. COMCAS 2019 will not accept plagiarized content.  This includes re-used content from an author's prior publication in a journal, conference proceeding, or earlier COMCAS event. Plagiarism will be checked for; thus, authors are encouraged to submit new content.  Likewise, use of content without attribution will be flagged. Such papers risk rejection.

In submitting a manuscript, authors agree that, if their paper is accepted, they will submit a revised final manuscript by 2 September 2019, and that at least one author will register by 2 September 2019 and attend COMCAS 2019 and present the paper or poster. The final manuscript submission will contain corrections or address recommendations pointed out during the paper review.  This submission will also provide authors the opportunity to supply additional data, update results, reinforce presented concepts, and provide other information to their initial manuscript.

Additional Information for Manuscript Submission:

  • At least one presenter from each accepted contribution must register for the COMCAS 2019 Conference by 2 September 2019 in order to be included in the final program.  The final manuscript must likewise have been uploaded into the submission system for publication by the due date for the final manuscript submission. Up to two papers can be covered by a single registration.
  • Expenses for travel and attendance including registration fee, are the responsibility of each presenter.
  • All papers must be submitted with an IEEE copyright authorization form.  This step will apply to the final submission.

2. How to Submit your Final Manuscript

A complete submission requires the following actions:

  1. Create, proof read, and check the layout of your manuscript.  Links to templates providing guidance on the paper layout are provided in the Templates & Links page of the COMCAS Website.
  2. Convert your document to a PDF file.
  3. Go to the COMCAS 2019 Manuscript Submission page (below) to input the required information and upload your manuscript.

All of these actions must be completed prior to the manuscript submission deadline of 1 May 2019.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions for Manuscript Submission

NOTE: If you are submitting more than one paper, you will need to repeat the submission process for each paper.

Manuscript submissions are handled through the Editor's Assistant (EDAS) Website.  To submit your manuscript, please follow the steps below.

Step 1.  Register your submission on the EDAS paper submission system.  This is performed by logging onto the following link:


This link should bring you to a page that looks like this:

Once you are at this site, you have the choice of 1) registering as a new author on the EDAS system, or 2) if you have already submitted a paper to the EDAS system for COMCAS 2019, COMCAS 2017, or another conference, you may simply enter the email address and password that you already used for EDAS. Prior users of EDAS will be able to recall their profile information for the COMCAS document submission. If you forgot your password, reset it as instructed.

If you are using EDAS for the first time, click create a new account.  You should then see the following screen where you will fill in information about yourself (only part of the screen is shown):


Be sure to enter the information into the fields marked with a red *.   If there are multiple authors, the information about the additional authors can be entered later, as described below.

After you fill out the above form, at the bottom of the form's page click the EDAS privacy box then click the "Add this person" button as shown below. You will then be sent to the following screen below. Depending on the information that you provided, EDAS might display a list of similar names.  This is to make sure that the author's information that was just now entered does not correspond to that of a different EDAS user.  If the author believes that his/her name corresponds to a name in the list, click that name.  Otherwise, go to the bottom of the page, click the "This is not a duplicate" box then click the button "Add this person."


Once you add yourself as the owner of a new EDAS account, you should see the following screen:


When authors make use of email addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other popular email services, the EDAS system displays the warning in the above screenshot.  You may ignore this warning.

Step 2. Receive welcome email.

Following the entry of the author information, you will receive the following email (or something resembling this email):

Step 3.  Set up EDAS account.

The next step is to click the link to set the initial password.  This brings you to the following screen:

Please enter your new password and hit the button "Reset password." A successful change will result in the following screen:

Step 4.  Register your paper.

You may now return to the email you initially received and click the link "register your paper".  If you already have an EDAS account, you can go directly to to register your paper.  (This same address can also be used to go back to your paper entry to make changes, which is described later in this document.) You will then see the following page, where you will be given a list of conference tracks, one of which you will chose to have your paper presented:

Click the appropriate subject track (in the column "Track") in the above list (e.g., "Communications and Sensors"), then you will be brought to a screen resembling the following:

Be sure to enter the unique title of the manuscript, along with keywords or keyword expressions in the boxes that follow, and the abstract (100 to 150 words).  The title entered on this web page must match the title in the submitted document.

Just below the Abstract text you will also find two buttons to select either Student or Regular paper.  Only one button can be selected.  If you desire for the paper to be entered into the Best Student Paper contest, be sure to check the box for Student.  In this case it is expected that 1) the student author is the only, or a co-author, of the paper and 2) the student would give the poster or oral presentation. Next, you may select the type of English (US, English, Canadian); the choice impacts how the spelling checker operates.

Further on the screen is a Category drop down menu.  Here you choose between the author(s) preference for presenting the paper as an Oral or Poster presentation.  Note: when selecting Poster from the menu, if the paper is selected for presentation at COMCAS 2019, the request for Poster will be honored.  However, if Oral is selected from the menu, the COMCAS 2019 review staff will ultimately decide if the paper should be presented as an Oral or Poster presentation.

Next, select the check box corresponding to the topic of your manuscript.  This will enable the COMCAS team to assign the appropriate reviewers and session to your submission.  You may check from one to three boxes if you believe the subject matter of your paper spans multiple fields.  If you are an author, be sure to check the "Add yourself as author" button, then click the Submit button.  Note additional authors can be added later, as described in Step 5.

The next screen should resemble the following:

Step 5.  Adding more authors.

The above page contains various buttons and parameters that enable you to control the information in your submission.  If you wish to add more authors to the submission, simply click the + box in the Authors row.  At this point, enter the email address of the additional author. This can be an email address already registered in the EDAS system. If so, a list of possible co-author names is provided in a menu for you to select from.  Otherwise, this email address can be that of a new author who has not used EDAS before.  For a new author, enter the information asked for. Once you believe that the corresponding information in the screen is correct, hit the button "Add this person".  You will then see a screen including the additional author.  Repeat this process to add more authors.  Please do not assign more than ten  authors to any one paper.

Step 6.  Uploading the manuscript document.

Once you are ready, you may upload the manuscript document by scrolling downward the above screen.  Select the file you want to upload from your computer by hitting “Choose File”.  You will then see the following screen with the selected filename next to the “Choose File” button.  This indicates that the file was successfully loaded.  If you do not see the file name here, try to upload the file again.  ALL FILES MUST BE IN PDF.  DO NOT UPLOAD WORD, LaTeX, POWERPOINT OR FILES IN OTHER FORMATS.

Once you hit the Upload PDF button, you will see the following screen:

Remember, the EDAS system creates many types of warnings.  One way to prevent unnecessary warnings is to be sure that you had entered in EDAS' Manuscript Submission process a paper title that matches the title contained in your manuscript.

Step 7.  Completing the submission and making further changes.

The above steps complete the Manuscript Submission process. At this point you may click the drag down menu item "Logout" from the top-level Home menu item.

If you need to return to the Submission Management page (which resembles the above screenshot), simply log into your account at and select the appropriate menu item. This enables you to re-upload your manuscript (if you made changes to it), add authors, change author information, change topic, etc. You can upload your modified manuscript by clicking the cloud icon near the lower left of the screenshot of the screen above.


If you need additional information about the EDAS system, please refer to the following links:



In conclusion

We hope that you find the submission process easy.  We look forward to seeing you at COMCAS 2019!

Best Regards,

Amir Boag, Technical Program Chair, COMCAS2019 Technical Program Committee

Ben Epstein, Publications Chair, COMCAS2019

Shmuel Auster, Conference Chair, COMCAS2019



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