COMCAS 2019 Author Instructions for Manuscript Submission


This document provides guidance on the submission of your final manuscript to COMCAS 2019.  The deadline for manuscript submissions is 10 September 2019

COMAS 2019 will feature, for the first time at COMCAS, contests for:

  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Paper Award
  • The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Student Paper Award

To qualify automatically for either contest, the final manuscript submission must contain 4 to 6 pages.  All papers where the first author is a student will qualify for automatic entry into the Best Student Paper Contest. 

1. Final Manuscript Submission

COMCAS 2019 follows a two-step manuscript submission process.  Following notification of acceptance of your initial paper, you must submit a final manuscript.  The final manuscript must be 2 to 6 pages in length, including all figures, tables, references, etc., and conform to the templates provided on the COMCAS 2019 site. To qualify for the Best Student or Best Paper Award, the final manuscript submissions must range 4 to 6 pages in length and conform to the template.  We stress that authors of all accepted papers must submit a final manuscript conforming to the COMCAS 2019 full paper template, which will be due 10 September 2019 (click links in the Authors Instructions web page to obtain the templates).  Accepted manuscripts conforming to the required length and templates will be published in the IEEE COMCAS 2019 Proceedings, which will be made available through IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. 

Please note the following requirements, which will be strictly enforced:

  1. Submit all manuscripts to the COMCAS 2019 Manuscript Submission Web Site (link below) for consideration as an oral or poster presentation.  Authors desiring to submit more than one paper must repeat the manuscript submission process for each paper.  An author may submit up to two papers (see instructions below).
  2. File format must be PDF.  This will be the only format accepted.  All manuscripts should be ran through PDF-eXpress (instructions below) to ensure that the documents will be in the proper format for publication in IEEE Xplore.
  3. Limit the submitted document to 10-Megabyte file size, 2 to 6 pages.  These limits will be strictly enforced.  Remember, to qualify for the Best Student Paper or Best Paper award, the minimum manuscript length must be 4 pages.
  4. Be sure to supply all requested information in the manuscript submission process (link provided below).
  5. Manuscripts must be written in English.  It is strongly recommended that all manuscripts be reviewed by native English speakers, or writers well versed and established in the English language.
  6. Manuscripts must follow the template, which can conform to US or International dimensions (click links in the COMCAS Authors Instructions web page to obtain the templates).
  7. Manuscript title, authors, and their affiliations should be clearly stated at the beginning of the manuscript text.  This information will also be entered into the manuscript submission system.
  8. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the COMCAS Technical Program Committee to assure proper page layout and quality.
  9. COMCAS 2019 will not accept plagiarized content.  This includes re-used content from an author's prior publication in a journal, conference proceeding, or earlier COMCAS event. Plagiarism will be checked for; thus, authors are encouraged to submit new content.  Likewise, use of content without attribution will be flagged.  Such papers risk rejection.

In submitting the final manuscript, authors should make sure all corrections to their initial manuscripts are made, and when applicable, address recommendations pointed out during the paper review.  This submission will also provide authors the opportunity to supply additional data, update results, reinforce presented concepts, and provide other information to their initial manuscript.

Additional Information for Manuscript Submission:

  • At least one presenter from each accepted contribution must register for the COMCAS 2019 Conference by 10 September 2019 in order to be included in the final program.  The final manuscript must likewise have been uploaded into the submission system for publication by the due date of 10 September for the final manuscript submission. Up to two papers can be covered by a single registration.
  • Expenses for travel and attendance including registration fee, are the responsibility of each presenter.
  • All papers must be submitted with an IEEE copyright authorization form.  This step will apply to the final submission.

2. How to Submit your Final Manuscript

A complete submission requires the following actions:

  1. Create, proof read, and check the layout of your manuscript.  Links to templates providing guidance on the full paper layout are provided in the Authors Instructions page of the COMCAS Website.
  2. Convert your document to a PDF file. All manuscripts must be ran through PDF-Express prior to submission.
  3. Go to the COMCAS 2019 Manuscript Submission page (below) to input the required information and upload your manuscript.

All of these actions must be completed prior to the final manuscript submission deadline of 10 September 2019.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions for Manuscript Submission

NOTE: If you are submitting more than one paper, you will need to repeat the submission process for each paper.

NOTE: If you are submitting more than one paper, you will need to repeat the submission process for each paper.

Step 1.  Prepare your Manuscript using the templates provided here. Templates for Word and instructions for Latex are provided on this page.

Step 2.  Convert your paper to PDF.  This should be done using PDF eXpress.  To do this, log into the IEEE PDF eXpress site here (

First-time PDF eXpress users should do the following:

1. Select the New Users - Click Here link.

2. Enter the following:

  • 44984X for the Conference ID
  • your email address
  • a password

An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous users of PDF eXpress should simply enter the same password that was used for previous conferences; however, note that this password is not necessarily the same as what you have used for EDAS (which is a completely different system). Verify that your contact information is valid.  You might be asked for a new password for this conference.

If you are a new user or returning user to PDF eXpress:

  1. Continue to enter information as prompted, including the upload of your paper (Word or PDF).
  2. Once completed, PDF eXpress will return the PDF of your Manuscript to you via email.  If there are problems in converting or checking your manuscript, the email will explain such problems.


If you run into difficulties with PDF eXpress, contact IEEE Support (   Type PDF EXPRESS into the search box.  Most questions can be answered here, but if your problem persists, contact IEEE by hitting the "Submit a Question" button.  PDF EXPRESS IS MANAGED BY THE IEEE.  NEITHER COMCAS STAFF NOR EDAS IS QUALIFIED FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS CONCERNING THIS SITE.

Final manuscript submissions are handled through the Editor's Assistant (EDAS) Website.  To submit your manuscript, please follow the steps below.

Step 3. Log into the following link:

You should see the web page shown below. Once you are at this site, simply enter the login information that you had already used to submit your initial manuscript.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  If you forgot your password, click the icon for resetting your password.  If you have persistent problems in accessing EDAS, please contact EDAS at

Step 4.  Go to your Paper Information page.

This is found by going to the top menu My... then clicking "My papers".  Your paper's information will then show on the Paper Information screen, as shown below.

At this point you can enter any modifications to the author information.  This includes addition and dropping of authors, changes of their affiliations, etc.  For example, to add authors click the cross icon (circled in red) next to Authors, then enter the revised information starting with the new author's email.  Changes to existing author information occur through clicking the Edit icon (box with a pencil) next to each author name.

Step 5.  Sign IEEE Copyright Release Form.

This process is built into the EDAS system, and brings you to an IEEE site that guides you for submitting the copyright information.  Scroll down your Paper Information page to the following line:

Click the cross icon on the Copyright line as shown above.  This brings you to the following page:

Click the button "IEEE Copyright Submission" and you will be brought to the IEEE Copyright Form submission page, shown as follows:

Follow the steps and enter the information as requested.  During this process, a page will come up asking if your paper was authored and is presented by employees of the US or UK Government; please check the appropriate box.  When you complete the IEEE Copyright page, you then return to the EDAS page.  The button "File name for scanned copyright form" is available for those authors who wish to have a copy of the filled out IEEE Copyright Release form stored on their computer (ignore the Special Copyright Stamp button).

Step 6.  Upload the full Manuscript. 

Scroll down further on your Paper Information page until you see the entry below:

Click the cloud icon (shown circled in red above), then follow the paper upload instructions.  REMEMBER TO HAVE COMPLETED THE PDF EXPRESS PROCESS DESCRIBED ABOVE BEFORE UPLOADING YOUR MANUSCRIPT.

Step 7.  Completing the submission and making further changes.

The above steps complete the Manuscript Submission process. At this point you may click the drag down menu item "Logout" from the top-level Home menu item.

If you need to return to the Submission Management page, simply log into your account at and select the appropriate menu item. You can resubmit your Manuscript document (if you made changes to it), add authors, change author information, etc. Resubmit your Manuscript document by clicking the cloud icon.

If you need additional information about the EDAS system, please refer to the following links:

NOTE: Registration to attend and present at COMCAS 2019 is handled through the registration process on the COMCAS 2019 website  Conference registration is NOT handled through EDAS for this conference.

In conclusion, we hope that you find the submission process easy.  We look forward to seeing you at COMCAS 2019!

Best Regards,

Amir Boag, Technical Program Chair, COMCAS2019 Technical Program Committee
Ben Epstein, Publications Chair, COMCAS2019
Shmuel Auster, Conference Chair, COMCAS2019