List of Topics

IEEE COMCAS is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together a fascinating technical program led by international invited experts and a professional exhibition by the leading companies in the industry.

Session topics span from the chip to the system, covering the disciplines of:

Communications and Sensors

  • 5G systems & millimeter wave propagation
  • Cognitive Radio & Spectral Sharing
  • Communications Security
  • First Responder/Military Communications
  • Green Communication
  • Internet of Things
  • Long Range Low Power Networks
  • Micro/Pico/Femtocell Devices and Systems
  • MIMO Antenna Systems for Communications
  • Modulation & Signal Processing Technologies
  • On-Body and Short Range Communications
  • Radio over Fiber & Optical/Wireless Convergence
  • Sensor Networks and Technologies
  • Software-Defined Radio & Multiple Access
  • Space-Time Coding and Systems

Antennas, Propagation, and Scattering

  • Antenna Theory, Design and Measurements
  • Smart Antennas, Beamforming and MIMO
  • Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling
  • Wave Scattering and RCS
  • NanoEM, Plasmonics and Applications
  • Metamaterials, FSS and EBG
  • EM Field Theory and Numerical Techniques
  • EM Interference & Compatibility, SI
  • Spectrum Management and Monitoring
  • ELF, RF, ╬╝Wave, mmW and THz Measurements

Signal Processing (SP) and Imaging

  • Microwave Imaging and Tomography
  • Acoustic/Sonar Imaging and Techniques
  • Radar SP and Imaging, SAR, ATR
  • MIMO SP for Radar
  • Ground and Foliage Penetration Systems
  • Signal Acquisition and Sensor Management
  • DF, Emitter Location, Elint, Array Processing
  • Target Detection, Identification and Tracking
  • Data Fusion
  • Time Domain and UWB SP

RF/MW Devices and Circuits, RFICs

  • Solid-State Devices, RFICs
  • ╬╝Wave, mmW and Sub-mmW Circuits/Technologies
  • Nano and THz Devices/Technologies
  • Microwave Photonics
  • Passive Components and Circuits
  • Filters and Multiplexers
  • Ferroelectrics, RF MEMS, MOEMS, and NEMS
  • Active Devices and Circuits
  • RF Power Amplifiers and Devices
  • Tunable and Reconfigurable Circuits/Systems
  • Analog/Digital/Mixed RF Circuits
  • Circuit Theory, Modeling and Applications
  • Interconnects, Packaging and MCM
  • CAD Techniques for Devices and Circuits
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Thermal Management for Devices

Microwave Systems, Radar, Acoustics

  • Aeronautical and Space Applications
  • RFID Devices/Systems/Applications
  • Automotive/Transportation Radar & Communications
  • Environmentally Sensitive (“Green”) Design
  • UWB and Multispectral Technologies & Systems
  • Emerging System Architectures
  • Modelling Techniques for RF Systems
  • Radar Techniques, Systems and Applications
  • Sonar Systems and Applications
  • Wireless Power Transfer & Energy Harvesting
  • Terahertz Systems

Biomedical Engineering

  • Novel Imaging Technologies
  • Novel Therapeutic Modalities
  • Acousto-Optic Technologies
  • Advances in MRI, Systems and Applications
  • Medical RF, MW & MMW Applications and Devices
  • Medical Imaging and Image Processing
  • The effects of RF and MW on Biological Tissues